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* MISSION of GREENCHOICE store - HELP TO MAKE A CONSCIOUS CHOICE in favor of a healthy and environmentally friendly life.

* WE HELP to find healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives to products from harmful and non-recyclable materials.

* WE HELP to remove plastic things from everyday life as much as possible, replacing them with similar items from natural, recyclable and safe materials.

* WE HELP to preserve the health of the planet, and therefore human health.

* WE GUARANTEE the quality of our products, since we are the first and very picky consumers for them.

* WE COOPERATE only with ethical manufacturers and sustainable companies that strive to make the world a better place.

* WE SUPPORT organizations involved in the protection of animals and nature, annually transferring 1% of our proceeds to charity.

* WE SHARE knowledge on how to maintain our health in the current environmental situation and help preserve the resources of our planet in Insta


5% - For the entire assortment of the store


Online store of eco-friendly products for a healthy, environmentally friendly and informed lifestyle

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