Pranamat eco (Pranamat ECO)



10 years ago we decided to create the highest quality acupressure mat in the world - and we succeeded! During the year, we selected the best materials, came up with a special design, looked for the perfect form of massage elements and brought everything to perfection. We put all our strength, soul, love into this idea, and in 2009, in Latvia, we started producing the Pranamat ECO massage mat.

Our main goal is to benefit the world, improve the quality of life of people. For each of us, as for a busy multi-tasking person, the Pranamat ECO massage kit is the most important accessory for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Over the 10 years of our existence as a brand, hundreds of thousands of people have improved their well-being and quality of life using Pranamat ECO.

We are actively involved in projects that support healthy, green thinking and informed consumption. Among the latter: a charity challenge in support of wildlife, an eco-week in honor of a conscious and environmentally friendly lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle week with simple exercises and useful recommendations.


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Pranamat eco (Pranamat ECO)

Pranamat eco (Pranamat ECO)

Pranamat ECO is not just a company that has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in more than 100 countries. This is a special philosophy where every product is created with love, every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. <br />
At Pranamat ECO, the ancient knowledge of reflexology is combined with the highest quality materials and the perfect design to give you the ultimate in massage pleasure. And beautiful colors, perfect lines and shapes will win your heart at first sight. <br />

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