RAWMID Moscow (RAWMID Москва)

Moscow, Ostapovsky passage, 3s10, entrance 1, of. 102


RAWMID - a technique for healthy eating! We produce household appliances for a conscious and tasty diet. Screw juicers - for freshly squeezed juices filled with vitamins and energy of life! Super-powerful blenders that stop at nothing, grind nuts, seeds, make uniform velvety smoothies and creams. For example, the legendary Rawmid Dream Samurai will become a master chef in your kitchen! For advanced culinary specialists we offer planetary mixers - stylish, with rich functions, productive. All equipment is certified, made of safe and durable materials. We pay special attention to the environmental friendliness of goods. A new technique is constantly appearing in the lineup. Home-made cold pressed oil presses, seed germinators with automatic irrigation, horizontal dehydrators with uniform drying at low temperatures, and even suvids, which are new to the Russian market, but already recognized by the international community of molecular cuisine connoisseurs. RAWMID - a new level of healthy eating! We take into account the capabilities of each buyer, therefore, we offer premium equipment at an affordable price. And for Vegcard holders - an additional 5% discount.


5% - for Rawmid
RAWMID Moscow (RAWMID Москва)

RAWMID Moscow (RAWMID Москва)

msk.madeindream.com is the official online store of the RAWMID company. Professional equipment for health: dehydrators, high-power blenders, screw juicers, germinators, planetary mixers, home oil presses, air deep fryers, melangers, suvids, mills, microfarm, vacuum cleaners. We deliver worldwide, and in Russia also free!

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