Re_meslo (Re_Meslo)

Moscow, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya


Hello! We are Katya Shipilova, Sasha Shalneva and our project Re_meslo.

We decided to produce stationery from recycled materials. Like this!

What for? ask you and you will be right. In every book shop, not to mention the specialized shops of stationery products in bulk. Supply exceeds demand.

But we still decided. Because (attention, then the largest possible banality) love nature. And we are sure that we are not alone.

Because we want ethical products to become a part of our life, so that they are truly affordable. And we finally have a choice. Not a ghostly one, demanding to spend on buying, for example, a banal notebook, extra money and time, but a real one. So you can go to any book shop or glance at our website and buy notebooks, in the production of which not a single tree was damaged. Or pens, plastic from which will not decompose 400 years. And much more.

So we sat, thought and did! And now you can order from us ethical souvenirs from 100% recyclable.

We can buy something for yourself or as a gift to a loved one. And for companies we produce branded eco-souvenirs.

We also have a dream: to start producing offset paper from waste paper in Russia. Now the demand is so small that paper mills do not take it. When ordering our products, you change the culture of consumption and vote with a ruble for the development of the processing industry.


7% - for any goods on the site
Re_meslo (Re_Meslo)

Re_meslo (Re_Meslo)

Re_Meslo is eco-souvenirs and stationery from 100% recycled materials <br />
You can order notebooks and pens from recycled waste paper.

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