Welcome to the production company LLC "Efirol"!

We invite you to get acquainted with our products: natural high-quality cosmetic oils with the effect of aroma therapy, as well as products for spa care. Our main brands - Afirol, Efirka and Aurazh are presented both in professional volumes and for home use.

All our products are not tested on animals.

The entire series of products of the "Aetherol" line meets the principles of Ayurveda - "I put on the body what I can eat."

The premium line is a living product of the Aerolol series: oils for the face, body, hair, nails, special massage oils;

"Ether" series: body massage oils, face mask, body scrub and body wrap and sea bath salt;

series "Aurazh" - body cream.

We are a full-cycle company that does not use semi-finished products. We produce all oil extracts and emulsions according to our own recipe, carrying out quality control at each stage: from the purchase of ingredients to the production of the finished product. The production of extracts and emulsions occurs naturally, using our own technology, without adding chemicals and using high temperatures.

The base for the oil extracts are premium vegetable oils. On their basis, the extract of biologically active substances from plants, herbs, spices, roots, algae collected in ecologically clean areas of the North Caucasus, Siberia and the Far East occurs. We guarantee a 100% natural product and high efficiency with regular use. We have reasonable prices, friendly staff, excellent service and prompt delivery of orders around the world.

Delivery of purchases from 5 000 rubles in Moscow - at the expense of the company!

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We, the production company Efirol, produce natural, high-quality cosmetic oils with an aromatherapy effect for professional massage and spa programs, as well as for home care. Our main brands are Afirol, Efirka and Aurazh. <br />

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