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The company Life Ltd. Vitavim ™ is a manufacturer of healthy food products under the trademark Vitavim. The name of the company speaks for itself - we give you health, which means Life. We began our story in 2011 and became the first Moscow-based company producing vitgrass (wheatgrass) - wheat germ juice. Day after day we created a unique, fully automated production in an ecologically clean area of ​​Yakhroma. The production is equipped with high-tech equipment, capable of producing the best vitgrass for all consumers in Russia.

For our products we use carefully selected eco-friendly raw materials. That is why vitgrass juice turns out very tasty, sweet with tart notes of sprouts, the carpet is even and beautiful, and wheat germ oil is fragrant, rich yellow in color. And we are against the use of chemicals for the production and preservation of products, so our products are environmentally friendly. The main task is to keep everything that is useful that nature has given us and to deliver to your home. Our many years of experience and high-tech production give us such an opportunity in the production of products from wheat germ.

The company is constantly growing and developing, improving the production of wheat germ juice and delighting its customers with new healthy food products. Each product that we produce receives the highest quality rating according to all criteria of international standards, but our buyers give the most important assessment. First of all, quality is our motto.


5% - For the entire range when buying from 5000 ₽


Vitavim ™ - the first Moscow company for the production of Vitgrass - wheat germ juice

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