Club of Active Longevity "Together Have Fun Walking!" (Клуб Активного Долголетия «Вместе Весело Шагать!» )

Zhukovsky, Frunze, 28


My name is Tatyana Gorbachev. I am the creator of the Club of Active Longevity "Having Fun Walking!

"in Zhukovsky,

Instructor for healthy lifestyles and TRP, Instructor for Nordic Walking, laureate of the prize "Our Moscow Region-2018".

I help successful people to live in the style of an active HLS simple, convenient, affordable, effective, positive!

I represent the "Russian Scandinavian Walking School" ( St. Petersburg), as well

"League of Health of the Nation" ( Moscow) under the leadership of Leo Bakeriya - the 1st cardiac surgeon of the country.

I have been engaged in a healthy lifestyle for more than 7 years, and, more than 4 years ago, I discovered Scandinavian Walking.

Thanks to healthy lifestyles and Nordic Walking, I have not only achieved stunning positive results (namely, a decrease in waist size, normalization of pressure, weight reduction, improved quality of sleep and life, etc.)

e.), but also put a loved one on his feet with a fractured hip without surgery!

In connection with these events, I had the idea to create the Club of Active Longevity "Having Fun Walking Together!

"in order to help other people to live in the style of active healthy lifestyles in simple, accessible and most effective ways.

The mission of the Club is the recovery of the nation of the country!

The goal of the Active Longevity Club "Together is Fun Walking!

"- to teach and help everyone to be and stay healthy, active, beautiful and positive as long as possible, as well as to achieve positive results from life in the style of healthy lifestyles and Nordic Walking.

The motto of the Club: "Our health is in our hands, but also in our legs!


Club Features:

1. Schools of Health (for example, "Prevention of hypodynamia", "Prevention of stressful situations", "Nutrition", etc.

d.) - theory + practice.

2. Nordic Walking (acquaintance and mastering the type of physical activity available to all, prolonging life) - theory + practice.

3. Wellness Qigong (acquaintance and mastering of eastern recreational gymnastics) - theory + practice.

4. Group and individual lessons on the result under control and with the comprehensive assistance and support of the Instructor.

5. Mass events on Nordic Walking and Recreational Qigong.

6. Health Tours and more. others

Benefit for participants:

1. Knowledge of how to live in the style of active healthy lifelong happily simple, accessible and most effective ways.

2. Practice with the achievement of real positive results and the ability to significantly improve their health.

3. A powerful charge of cheerfulness, a surge of strength, increasing physical and mental performance, strengthening immunity, normalizing weight and pressure, reducing waist size, improving stress resistance, increasing longevity, improving the quality of sleep and life, and more. others

4. And the most important and valuable thing is the acquisition of new friends, healthy habits, positive thinking, a conscious and responsible attitude to their health and a sea of ​​positive emotions from communication and Healthy Lifestyle in a circle of like-minded people!

And this in our life is of great importance for every person.

Partners of the Club:

Library №8 of Zhukovsky: vvv.fasebok.kom / zuksbs

Administration of Zhukovsky:

http: //zhukovsky.ru /

The trade union committee of TsAGI in Zhukovsky:

http://www.tsagi.ru/ Zhukovsky radio:

https: //zhukradio.ru /

Health Center at Zhukovsky City Clinical Hospital:

http: //vv.zhgkb.ru.ru/serv/serv2_64.pn

Health Center at Ramenskoy Central District Hospital:

https: //ramkrb.ru /

MBU "SS - Center for Sports" Meteor ", Zhukovsky: http: //skmeteor.ru/

Zhukovsky local branch

Party "United Russia":

https: //vk.kom/er_zhukovsky

Club Information Partner:

Eurasian Information Agency "Tanyana"

https: //tanyana.kom/fashionandkultura/salonteysen280 years old with his alballoss

Become our Partner, or even better Sponsor! That's cool!

And you will be the most-most!

Welcome to the territory

Health, Good, Peace,

Respect, Support and Positive!

http: //onshf.ru/onshf- in the regions / Moscow-Obl / Ramen-district /

https: //xn--90acesaqsbbbreoa5e3dp.xn--p1ai/volunteers/717535


12.5% ​​- 1st Nordic Walking practice as a gift!
Club of Active Longevity "Together Have Fun Walking!" (Клуб Активного Долголетия «Вместе Весело Шагать!» )

Club of Active Longevity "Together Have Fun Walking!" (Клуб Активного Долголетия «Вместе Весело Шагать!» )

Club Active Longevity "Together, Fun to Walk!" - these are the best world wellness practices for you!

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