108CafeShop (108СafeShop)

Ryazan, Freedom, 35


108SafeShop is a copyright of 108 m2. Here is a cafe and shop. We have about 45 seats, hearty vegetarian cuisine, a contact bar with coffee, cocoa, tea, and more - handmade pastries. All cafeshop food 108 is free of meat, fish, eggs and cheese with rennet. At the same time, we do not promote any kind of lifestyle. Everyone decides for himself. And we provide a friendly space where people with similar interests can find each other.

A part of our 108 m2 is occupied by a shop of useful things. In it - the author's ceramics, nature


108CafeShop (108СafeShop)

108CafeShop (108СafeShop)

108CafeShop is a cafe with an ethical and healthy food + a bright store of gifts, accessories, cosmetics and eco-products.

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