Eat Fresh (Ешь Фреш)

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We know how healthy the food with live juices and smoothies is, that it is not only drinking-dessert, as they are often perceived.

This is a complete product, which can not only eat, but also tightly “eat” enough to saturate your body with all the necessary substances for a wonderful well-being.

Efresh is not just drinks and desserts, but good nutrition for your body - tasty, healthy and refreshing!

We took care to make your diet varied, while maintaining the benefits of the natural ingredients of our fresh juices and smoothies.

EshFresh does not use food additives and flavor enhancers. In our products you will not find milk and cream, only ripe fruits, juicy berries, as well as vegetables and nuts.

Our range will delight you with the most delicious smoothies, and fresh juices will charge you with energy for the whole day! Drink freshness in EshFresh!

Our mission!

Change attitudes (change the paradigm of perception


Eat Fresh (Ешь Фреш)

Eat Fresh (Ешь Фреш)

We prepare smoothies only from fresh vegetables and fruits, without sugar and preservatives, as well as fresh juices, desserts and almond milk of our own production in our assortment.

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