Plant cake (PlantCake)

Moscow, Volgogradsky Avenue, 45


Our goal is to feed people with tasty, understandable food without animal ingredients, to prove that our food is tasty for everyone, including omnivors. One of the tasks is to build up from a stereotype of a vegetarian or vegan in the style of "aggressive herbivore" in Moscow.

We deliberately do not position ourselves as a "vegan project", since we are not preachers of veganism, we try to maintain neutrality in ethical views, as we primarily focus on healthy food, which we offer, but always remember and cherish our younger brothers.

We are going to feed people who understand the importance and need for healthy eating, attentive health, open, traveling, active, loving animals, who know vegan food and are eager for new offers on the market.


Plant cake (PlantCake)

Plant cake (PlantCake)

- healthy, plant-based, made without the use of animal ingredients, artificial colors and preservatives, really tasty food delivered <br /> - line of unique desserts without sugar, synthetic additives, without transfats, flavor enhancers, using organic essences and superfoods <br /> - catering services for events from 20 to 100 people <br /> - PlantCorner pop-up projects on Red October, in Skazaka Park and in other iconic points of Moscow

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