Eco-cafe gauranga (Eco-cafe Gauranga)

Evpatoria, Revolutions, 46/9


You will be pleasantly surprised at how varied vegetarian cuisine can be. It is well known that everything that we eat affects our consciousness. Therefore, our dishes consist only of ecologically pure products and do not contain products of transgenic origin.

It is also true that the consciousness of the cook affects the energy of food. Our chefs cook with love, and you will understand this by tasting the dishes we offer. After all, the emotions and the mindset with which the food is prepared are very important.

Great emphasis in the preparation of dishes we do on the use of spices, oriental spices and herbs. Thanks to the centuries-old, skillful selection of the combination of spices, it is possible to discover the flavors of ordinary products at first glance and impart unique flavoring and aromatic scales.


Eco-cafe gauranga (Eco-cafe Gauranga)

Eco-cafe gauranga (Eco-cafe Gauranga)

Vegetarian cafe, the interior of the cafe and the appearance of the waiters in Indian style, pleasant oriental music. The menu is East European. A wide range of dishes from borscht to Indian sweets.

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