Moscow, 2nd Smolensky lane, 1/4


What is Tomorrow Restaurant? Our mission is to debunk stereotypes. We want to prove that:

Vegetarian food can be really delicious. Our task is to surprise you. We don't want to be "just another vegetarian cafe" but raise the bar to a gourmet restaurant. Tomorrow's menu offers new interpretations of familiar dishes as well as unconventional flavors and textures. In the future, hummus is easily combined with figs, and babaganush with pomegranate. Have you tried avocado with passionfruit sauce?

Vegetarians have fun too. We have combined healthy cuisine with mind-blowing parties. One of the leading Moscow bar managers, Alexander Litvinov, has prepared the Leaves alcohol menu: eight signature cocktails with shiso, hare grass, aloe and nasturtium. For those who oppose alcohol, we will offer healthy drinks from the fresh bar to the mixes of crazy DJs.

A vegetarian restaurant doesn't have to have an austere interior. With the participation of the design bureau Chef Design, we have designed a space that combines natural materials and modern solutions. Wood and acrylic, concrete and 3D printing, titanium nitride and living plants. Two halls with 22 tables of different sizes are suitable for any company. The restaurant operates in the "all-day space" concept: during the day it is comfortable to hold a business meeting, in the evening - a romantic date. And then, if you have enough strength, you can drink cocktails and dance until the morning.

Mindfulness is thinking of the future. That is why at Tomorrow there is separate waste collection, only environmentally friendly materials are used in the interior, there are food waste dispensers in the kitchen, and take-away meals are served in completely recyclable boxes. We believe that in the future, humanity will build happy relationships with nature, and we begin to change for the better from ourselves.

Eating right may not be boring. You don't need to eat buckwheat and tofu to improve your athletic performance and health. In our menu you will find dietary dishes, keto solutions and herbal cocktails that are magical to taste.

Want to learn more about the plant-based food of the future, ignite with us and move closer to zero-waste? Come TOMORROW!


10% - For all kitchen and bar menus


The concept of Tomorrow Restaurant is based on a philosophy of caring for nature and the culinary culture of the future. It is revealed both in the interior, where natural textures are used, and in the menu, developed on the basis of the highest quality plant products. Awareness, ethics and sustainability are the unshakable pillars of our project. The focus is on the vegetarian food of the future, which is radically different from the usual plant-based dishes in its delicate taste and aesthetics.

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