Zelenoe Bistro

St. Petersburg, Chaikovskogo, 36 A


Vegetarian restaurant in the format of an urban bistro. We opened up to show people that vegetables are cool! Tasty, healthy, interesting and satisfying. Our concept is based on the fusion of two ideas - Zero Waste and Slow Food. We think about what we eat, how we eat, and how it will affect the world around us. Our dishes are an avant-garde experiment on the theme of French and Italian classics. We try not to use spices in order to convey the pure flavors of the products. A tool such as fermentation helps us to enhance and emphasize them. It also allows you to conduct production with virtually no waste. Our interior continues the idea of ​​simplicity in everything: light colors, natural materials, minimum decoration, maximum fresh greenery. The menu is laconic and is often updated according to the season.


10% - All soft drinks
7% - All food
Zelenoe Bistro

Zelenoe Bistro

Conscious consumption, fermentation, vegetables

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