Vegetarian cafe "Amrita" (Вегетарианское кафе "Амрита")

Bratsk, Pionerskaya, 5



Cooking meals, pastry, convenience foods. The complete absence of harmful components. Huge selection of spices.

Professional sound and laser equipment, video projector, large dance floor.

Free wifi.

Dining room with 60 seats.

Carrying out all kinds of presentations and holidays.

Bicycle center, where you can rent, repair your own or leave a bicycle for warm storage.

Yoga center "Amrita".

Unique anti-stress programs, regular yoga courses for all ages and lectures on Vedic knowledge.

Unique types of massage for rest and recovery. Impact on muscle tissue, internal organs, joints, blood circulation, elimination of toxins. The most effective way to remove cholesterol from the body.

We invite organizations and individuals to cooperate for all kinds of celebrations, presentations and holidays.


Vegetarian cafe "Amrita" (Вегетарианское кафе "Амрита")

Vegetarian cafe "Amrita" (Вегетарианское кафе "Амрита")

The only vegetarian cafe in Russia with a unique ayurvedic technology for preparing tasty and healthy food. Well, if you are not a vegetarian, but like to eat tasty food, we are ready to surprise you!

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