Cafe "Cream-Living Food" (Кафе "Сливка-Живая еда")

Sochi, Voykova, 35


We invite you to plunge into the wonderful world of living cuisine! Delicious soups, salads, cereals, club sandwiches, burritos, pizza, rolls, cakes and sweets - only natural and healthy ingredients in our dishes, with the preservation of all enzymes and nutrients.

Here you will find products that have not undergone heat treatment, not containing sugars, yeast, flavor enhancers, various substitutes for identical natural ones. We will please you only with products that have preserved all the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients and natural value.

Most of the proposed by us is made with our own hands, with care and love.

The range of the shop at the cafe:

►Dietary health products;

► Handmade bread loaves for raw foodists and vegans;

► Handmade cookies for raw foodists and vegans; ► Useful sweets, without sugars, positively affecting the shape; ►Professional equipment for vegans and raw foodists (blenders, screw juicers); ►Oil cold pressed; ►Kakao butter, Cocoa beans; ►Karob not roasted; ► Cereals, nuts, seeds; ►Dried fruits shadow drying; ►Dried seaweed; ►Dried herbs; ►Amarant; ► Urbechi; ► Fresh salads; ► Cakes, pastries and sweets (do not contain flour, eggs, sugar and yeast); ► Homemade chocolate with honey; ►Sweet pizza and lots of tasty


Cafe "Cream-Living Food" (Кафе "Сливка-Живая еда")

Cafe "Cream-Living Food" (Кафе "Сливка-Живая еда")

Cafe healthy food. Live food. Handmade raw food cakes and sweets. An interesting author's menu for raw foodists and supporters of healthy and tasty food.

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