HAVE 3 / Cubed (ЕСТЬ3 /Есть в кубе)

St. Petersburg, Ryleeva, 12

  • https://est3.ru
  • +7 911 981-12-12
  • 10% - for all menus except for lunch sets
    15% - for all showroom products



✔ Use ✔ Taste ✔ Happiness

We do not argue about vegetarianism - we make it tastier!

Friendly vegetarian restaurant IS 3 on Ryleeva - a breath of fresh air on the restaurant map of St. Petersburg. An institution with an open kitchen, eco-friendly principles and excellent dishes from chef Ali Yahyaev is a new point of attraction for supporters of a fashionable "green" lifestyle. A vibrant restaurant with an open kitchen, eco-friendly principles and a show room with natural products breaks the dilemma of "eat to live or live to eat." Three-fold "Yes" is a life-affirming slogan that denies the need to choose from two extremes.

The vegetarian specificity in Eat3 is not a declaration of one’s chosenness, but an invitation to a new experience. Here everyone will find what he needs: gourmet experimenters - interesting taste sensations, healthy lifestyle adherents - nutrients, superfoods and other BJUs, fans who post their #foodporn on Instagram - a fashionable interior and stylish presentation for likeable photos, meat-eaters - tasty and satisfying an alternative to maintaining protein and hemoglobin levels.

✔ There is a benefit

The first of the Is triad is utility in every sense: for the body, for the soul, for the planet and for humanity. Ethical, ecological, energetic - something that our severe northern expanses lack!

Cooking technologies are focused on the preservation of nutrients in foods and dishes without compromising on taste. But at YES3 go even further in matters of benefit: the restaurant adheres to the global trend of "sustainability". The seemingly complex concept of "sustainable development" is to maximize benefits and minimize harm to people, animals, the environment and the planet as a whole. This is the use of local products, and the rejection of plastic, and the disposal of batteries, and ethical nutrition, and sorting of garbage with the desire for zerowaste.

✔ Taste is

IS3 is a great place to get to know vegetarian food for the first time. Here you can see that the oriental, Russian and European dishes in the creative interpretation of Ali Yahyev not only lose nothing from the lack of meat and fish, but also reveal unknown faces of taste sensations.

Even skeptical meat-eaters confirm this fact! An impressive vegan burger or fragrant borsch with baked apples will easily satisfy men's needs for a hearty dinner. Nettle and spinach ravioli, sold with cauliflower, baked garlic and soy milk mousse, put our favorite Italian sin from the guilty pleasure category in the category of dishes for a healthy and healthy late dinner with an excellent balance of BJU. And the author's parsnip paste with beetroot chips will complement a glass of white wine during a meeting with friends.

Do not forget in the IST3 and the current pan-Asian cuisine. This season's hot spicy soup Ramen surprises with a crispy duo of fresh peas and ginger chips, and it still does not leave the list of wok trends with homemade noodles, vegetables and soy sprouts as if it arrived to us on the last flight from Bangkok. But nothing destroys the stereotype of a sad vegetarian diet like desserts! Having tried any of the sweet items in the menu IS3, whether it’s an avocado brownie with salted caramel or a vegan Napoleon, you can no longer imagine your life without them. Why, they are much more useful than the usual sweets for us!

✔ Happiness is Of course, happiness is a difficult category.


10% - for all menus except for lunch sets
15% - for all showroom products
HAVE 3 / Cubed (ЕСТЬ3 /Есть в кубе)

HAVE 3 / Cubed (ЕСТЬ3 /Есть в кубе)

Дружелюбный вегетарианский ресторан ЕСТЬ3 на Рылеева - глоток свежего воздуха на ресторанной карте Петербурга. Заведение с открытой кухней, экологичными принципами и отменными блюдами от шеф-повара Али Яхьяева - новая точка притяжения для сторонников модного "зеленого" стиля жизни.

ЕСТЬ3 (или Есть в кубе – название расшифровывается как Есть Есть Есть) - одна из первых ласточек главного мирового тренда "sustainability". Сложная на первый взгляд концепция "устойчивого развития" состоит в том, чтобы всеми путями максимизировать пользу и минимизировать вред для людей, животных, окружающей среды и планеты в целом. Это, и использование местных продуктов, и стремление к отказу от пластика, и утилизация батареек, и этичное питание, и сортировка мусора со стремлением к zerowaste.

В принципе, разбираться во всём этом совсем не обязательно - достаточно просто время от времени заглядывать в ЕСТЬ3 на сытный обед или здоровый ужин. 10% от стоимости заказа "Блюд недели" будут отправляться в фонды защиты природы. По мнению создателей, совмещать приятное с полезным - это прямой путь к счастью!

И да, всё это действительно вкусно! Здесь каждый найдёт то, что ему нужно: гурманы-экспериментаторы - интересные вкусовые ощущения, спортсмены и ЗОЖ-адепты - нутриенты, суперфуды и прочее БЖУ, Инстаграм-блогеры - всё для лайкабельных фото и уникального контента, мясоеды - вкусную и сытную альтернативу для поддержания уровня белка и гемоглобина

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