Green heart (Green Heart)

St. Petersburg, Pr.Narodnogo Militia, 10 Liter A, pom. 27N


In St. Petersburg, February 14, 2019 opened a new vegan restaurant "Green Heart" (m. Leninsky Prospekt People's Militia v. 10)

This is the only institution of this format in the south-west of the city.

A variety of dishes presented in the menu will make you look at veganism from the new side! Interesting combinations of tastes, author's desserts, original presentation will pleasantly surprise everyone!

It is also the only institution in St. Petersburg that works with the fermentation technology of plant foods. This allows you to create unique products - coconut yogurt, kefir from hazelnut milk, sour cream based on coconut and cashews, ricotta from almonds. And this is only a small part of what is going to surprise the restaurant "Green Heart"


10% - For the whole menu
10% - For the whole menu
10% - For the menu
Green heart (Green Heart)

Green heart (Green Heart)

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