What can (То что можно)

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Cafe in which you will understand.

Clean food and ecology - 2 basic concepts of our cafe.

All our dishes are cooked according to the original recipe. Every our dish is cooked from scratch. We do not use mayonnaise, vinegar, preservatives, additives.

Our sauces are based on: olive oil, unrefined oils, lemon juice, nuts and fresh herbs, spices. We have reduced, and from most of our products, excluded fat, salt and sugar.

Our dishes are suitable: supporters of HEALTHY FOOD, VEGETARIANS, VEGANS and RAW EATERS. We support a wide range of dishes NOT CONTAINING ANIMAL ORIGIN PRODUCTS. We calculate the caloric and energy composition of each dish. We have given people the opportunity to choose a delicious USEFUL and affordable FOOD in TO GO format.

All dishes meet the standards of healthy eating:

- quality products (proven suppliers, fresh raw materials); - at the choice of products and dishes; - on the purity of the composition (all VEGAN dishes are prepared strictly without FSP); - according to the method of preparation (we cook every day and only fresh); - by storage method; - according to the rules of the combination of products. We support the reduction of used disposable containers, offering a 10% discount on drinks in your mug. We abandoned paper towels in favor of reusable textile. We try to collect garbage separately. We are increasing the number of craft dishes,


5% - On all menus, not cumulative with current promotions
What can (То что можно)

What can (То что можно)

Vegetarian cafe "What you can"

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