Shiv cafe (Shiv Cafe)

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Indian cuisine is famous all over the world for its authentic taste and beauty. Many of us have heard repeatedly about such Indian delicacies as curry with vegetables, shahi paneer, tea masala, and so on. But in reality, India is much more than spices and spicy food. Did you know dear guests that India also has its own fast food, which, unlike Western food, does not run counter to a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, he retains all the qualities that make Indian cuisine unique.

Only here in "Shiv Cafe" you will be able to experience all the delights of South Asian fast food adapted to the Russian consumer. Juicy burgers and rolls are waiting for you. All dishes are seasoned with our signature sauces. And all at an affordable price. We are not talking about a rich selection of curries, breakfasts and various Indian drinks that will make your day brighter. In our cafe, the play of colors and taste, come together in a product with unimaginable taste and incomparable beauty.

We are what we eat! Each our dish is prepared with love and respect for the client. If we eat healthy


5% - For all menu items
Shiv cafe (Shiv Cafe)

Shiv cafe (Shiv Cafe)

A world of vibrant Indian cuisine and delicious vegetarianism. "You are what you eat."

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