Green fox coffee (Green Fox Coffee)

Vsevolozhsk, Vsevolozhsky Avenue, 56


A unique coffee shop in Vsevolozhsk, where you will be offered a cup of Specialty coffee, ice cream with cedar milk, a croissant with dried tomatoes, raw desserts and much more interesting!

You can also buy eco-products home or simply take drinks with us.

Unusual handmade pasta, top quality coffee beans and designer truffles will be a great gift!

We try to make the world cleaner and use the most eco-friendly products and dishes.

The interior is also pleasantly surprising - we have a cozy and stylish, and more flowers on the ceiling)

Come for a visit - we are happy to treat you and tell about everything that we have something interesting!

And if you ask a barista for a card - you will receive the sixth coffee as a gift!


5% - coffee, ice cream, rav desserts and organic products
Green fox coffee (Green Fox Coffee)

Green fox coffee (Green Fox Coffee)

Coffee shop and eco-shop in Vsevolozhsk.

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