I-Cafe, iKafe (Ай-Кафе, iКафе)

Moscow, 7th Kozhukhovskaya 9


iKafe - innovators in terms of healthy nutrition. All their dishes are prepared exclusively in ethical format. In the menu you can see unique rolls, burgers, salads, smoothies and desserts. Cafe is a synthesis of leading ideas and concepts about nutritious and tasty food.

○ Without semi-finished products, synthetic dyes, yeast, GMOs and animal products.

○ Without frying in oil. Everything is steamed. No carcinogens and toxins.

○ “Super foods” are actively used, as well as live sprouts and seedlings in recipes of dishes and drinks. ○ The speed of serving ready meals is based on the professionalism of the staff and the competent ergonomics of the working space, which will reduce


7% - on all menus, except delivery and lunch
I-Cafe, iKafe (Ай-Кафе, iКафе)

I-Cafe, iKafe (Ай-Кафе, iКафе)

iCafe is a new word in modern cooking, the real food of the future! In their approach to cooking, they apply the latest trends and "space" technology. Without forgetting that the food was tasty and nutritious! Therefore, iKafe is considered to be followers of molecular cuisine - both cooks and scientists!

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