Healthy conscience (Healthy Conscience)

St. Petersburg



In the title Healthy Conscience, the whole essence of our project. Through our experience, heart and mind came this name.

This is not only the choice of the right path in the field of our food, but also the vector of life in general!

Our mission is to convey to people that vegetable food is not only tasty, but also convenient, simple, beautiful, charged with the best that nature can give - the source of our whole life!

We are the first delivery of Vegan sushi in Russia and Raw desserts without nuts!

You can order tasty and healthy food from us. Without sugar, flour, gluten, dairy and animal products. Delivery in St. Petersburg from 1000 rubles, it is possible to pickup from the center! Also, delivery to Moscow is possible (it is discussed individually)!

In addition to delivery, we hold Culinary workshops, where you will learn a lot of new things: recipes, cook lifehacks, various cutting techniques, interesting combinations of tastes, learn to cook intuitively! Behind our chefs many years of experience in different kitchens!

And we also have the online project "Pure Mind & Body" for people who want to improve their well-being and life in general, learn to


Healthy conscience (Healthy Conscience)

Healthy conscience (Healthy Conscience)

Delivery of vegetable food in St. Petersburg, cooking classes, online nutrition project

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