Green Point (Грин Поинт)

Moscow, st. Forest, 1/2



Green Point is a synthesis of leading ideas and concepts about nutritious and tasty food. What we offer is a product and service that will destroy a whole range of prejudices and patterns about fast food.

○ We do not use semi-finished products, synthetic dyes, yeast, GMO, animal products

○ During cooking, we do not fry in oil, but bake for a couple, no carcinogens and toxins

○ We actively use "super foods", as well as live sprouts and sprouts in the recipes of our dishes and drinks

○ The speed of serving ready-made meals or the concept of fast food is based on the professionalism of our employees and the competent ergonomics of the working space, which allows


8% for all menus
Green Point (Грин Поинт)

Green Point (Грин Поинт)

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