Vegetarian Cafe ♦ 108 ♦ (Вегетарианское Кафе ♦108♦)

Kaliningrad, Grekova, 3



Especially for you, we have opened new horizons of tastes and wish that every guest would feel special.

We strive to exceed your expectations and dream that every our meeting would leave in your memory only warm and pleasant memories. We put a lot of effort in arranging the Great and Mighty Vegetarian Cuisine, which we will be able to please You at the beginning of Autumn 2017!

But already today we will surprise you with amazing coffee, proper baking, tender sweets, invigorating freshly squeezed juices, thick smoothies and as always - hospitality and care! Happy to Serve from 8 to 21.

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Vegetarian Cafe ♦ 108 ♦ (Вегетарианское Кафе ♦108♦)

Vegetarian Cafe ♦ 108 ♦ (Вегетарианское Кафе ♦108♦)

A cozy island where you can always enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and hospitality. <br />

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